John Lowe, PhD

Dr. Lowe is a former Medicinal Chemist at Pfizer and brings more than 30 years of drug discovery and development experience and expertise in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. At Pfizer, Dr. Lowe was a leader in neuroscience GPCR drug discovery where he discovered the first nonpeptide NK1 receptor antagonist as well as the atypical antipsychotic drug ziprasidone.

During his remarkable career, Dr. Lowe was awarded the 2005 Northeast Regional Industrial

Innovation Award and the 2007 ACS Heroes of Chemistry Award for his discovery of ziprasidone. He is also the recipient of the 2011 ACS Award in Industrial Chemistry. Currently, Dr. Lowe consults for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry on drug design and conducts third-party due diligence evaluation. He also is an inventor or co-inventor on over 50 patents.

Dr. Lowe received his PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles working with Professor Michael E. Jung, where he contributed to a key new methodology for the construction of anthracycline anti-tumor antibiotics. He did a postdoc with Professor William S. Johnson at Stanford University in the area of polyene cyclization methodology for the total synthesis of steroids.