Richard Hansen, PhD

Rich Hansen is a physical/analytical chemist who works at the boundary of engineering and biology and is focused on bringing various technologies to the discovery process. In his role as VP, Technology at Septerna, Rich is focused on automation and measurement systems, research informatics which supports discovery and structural biology work, and novel screening modalities that encompass Septerna’s Native Complex™ platform. 

Prior to joining Septerna, Rich was VP, Discovery Technologies at Revolution Medicines leading a diverse team involved in lead discovery, structural biology, automation, and scientific computing. After starting his career developing line scan confocal systems for high content screening, Rich led various technology functions in biopharma and synthetic biology at Cytokinetics, Amyris, and Theravance BioPharma. Within these roles, he has continued to develop instrumentation to probe biological effects of compounds from the biochemical scale to intact organisms. 

Rich received his PhD in Physical/Analytical Chemistry from the University of Utah and has a BA in Chemistry from St. Olaf College.